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* Baby i wilL lOve yoU fOrever ____

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7 December
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so that's me. my name is brittany but you can call me whatever you want. uhh i'm a cutter and im bulimic ( grrr )i'm on my road to recovery . i'm bisexual . i'm a very cool person to know. i dont judge people so you dont have to worry about that. my journal gets really personal and maybe sometimes scary but it's just me going through my moods. i hate liars, fakes, and posers. well try and comment and add me. i'll probably love you.

MxPx is Punk Rawk Love.
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Rancid is Massive Love.
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Mest is sexy love.
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Slipknot is Brutal Love.
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Sum41 is Infected Love.
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KoRn is Love Right Now.
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Taking Back Sunday is the Love.
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Sugarcult is hot sex Love.
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Led zeppelin is Classic Love.
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Greenday is Hot green Love.
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Sublime is Deep Love.
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Lucille Ball is Love

Edward Scissorhands is Innocent Love.

best movie ever

I will not stand for this
Everyone Feels This Pain
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Ville Valo is hot sexy love.

Bisexuality is Real.

Name: fuffy

Age: 5 months

Favorite Food: mashie tatoes

Favorite Hobby: hullie hopping

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Blue Collar Comedy is southern love.

Mexican Food is addictive love

Films are love.

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